Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tata Truck Model 407 Can Anybody Tell Me What Does 407 Implies In Tata 407 Truck?

Can anybody tell me what does 407 implies in Tata 407 truck? - tata truck model 407

How, in general, cars in the state, the model number of the displacement in liters or cubic centimeters. I would like to explain what about tata trucks with model numbers.


genieass said...

4 tons of payload, 70 hp engine.

aj said...

Nothing, ever, in general the series.
Like the BMW 3 Series.

Mysterious Racer P said...

Many cars in Eastern Europe (and some central European car ... Peugeot, for example) use the model numbers in the name ... 4, a series could, and 07 the seventh model in the series would be. Things like that.

The signing of the Peugeot is just a number with a zero between them. 101, 202, 303, 404, etc.

Philip P said...

I think it's the cargo space of 407 liters or cubic meters could

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