Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ideas For Male Masterbation Trouble Finishing During Sex Please Help, Really Confused!??

Trouble finishing during sex Please help, really confused!?? - ideas for male masterbation

My girlfriend and I had sex 4 times since we are together. We love each other and both have really haveing sex. But every time she reaches a climax, and then Turnes more than an hour, I do not think so. I have many pre *** and burning (the best I can describe it) get in my testicles. But happans nothing. She said she was curious, as I do not *** to calm after the launch, while A. I'm baffled because I am human and I lost my virginity to her. I have therefore no basis for comparison. But I do not want you to think that I am not attracted to her or Do'nt I love you. I do not understand what is wrong with me. We use sex, condoms, I heard from a man-sensitaze, but I do not know if WHAt is. I mean, is it because my body is only used for masterbation? Why not in a position to reach orgasm with her? I admit, but I do not understand. Any idea or advice? No idea why this happans?

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are short, sex without a foreskin has a lot of work, it seems especially with condoms as a combination to almost disappear, try condoms ultra thin and ultra sensation try to restore some sensitivity to put petroleum jelly on clean glands in the morning (before a condom)

Foreskin restoration can you help one more than on the burden of condoms

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