Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dawn Pokemon Diaper Where To Get A Dawn Stone In Pokemon Diamond?

Where to get a Dawn stone in Pokemon Diamond? - dawn pokemon diaper

Can someone me instructions on where to get a Dawn Stone in Pokemon Diamond? And I can give instructions to find Mt.Cornet inside.


Oscar said...

with the escape rope
______________________________________ ...
Dawn Stone Requirements: Must be a bicycle, were Oreburgh, the city has with her and know of a pokemon, how to (not a struggle to navigate)

Go to the City Oreburgh the road from the north of the city, cycling, faster, until the road "Dirt." Turn right and continue up to the opening of the cave to see. Go inside and up, navigate to the "lake", leading to a stone staircase with Dawn at the end. :)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ...
Climbing conditions for the Dawn Stone: fly
It is also near the area of survival. it should fly in front of the Pokemon Center is at 15 steps to the players take UR rite now go to step 6, then 6 players strengthens ur rite rite rite two stages 7 to 1 CIMB 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., and rock used to be.

Elian Sofian Suryokusumo said...

Mt Coronet (north). Surf in the pool of available water south.
A second Dawn Stone is approaching the end of the year
Route 225 through a field of grass. Use Rock Climb to
Promotion, and a lead in the fight against the Dragon Tamer
they guard. Requires Rock Climb.

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