Friday, February 5, 2010

Rani What Does The Hindi "gudiya Rani, Betiya Rani" Mean In English?

What does the Hindi "gudiya rani, betiya rani" mean in English? - rani

This line refers to a song called "Gudiya Rani" of a Bollywood film 'Lamhe'. I love this song, and you want an accurate translation in English.


poem said...

"Doll of the queen, the daughter of the Queen"

veyron said...

Gudiya Rani, Rani bitiya both mean the same thing - a little girl
Gudiya means doll Bity my girls, my queen Rani ..
Gudiya Rani therefore refers to a child, most children, has up a ..
Rani bitiya refers to a girl .. (This is mostly used by the father.)

♥♥♪♪♪αттιтυ∂є ωιт¢н яυℓєz♪♪♪♥♥ said...

These words spoil r girl

Media Gudiya DOLL

Rani does, prevails here, but it means princess in this song coz .. Itz 4 Sing a baby GAL


The song is like >>>>>

Gudiya Rani Rani BitIyA .. Phoolon Ki Ek Nagri dIn sE AyeNgE Raj Kunwar Ji ..

Media >>>>>

O Princess DoLL .. Oh Baby Princess .. ONE DAY U Ur Prince has taken him

jasmine said...

Gudiya Raani average from Queen Doll is the daughter betiya. This line is by the girl and her name is all that is sung (the Queen and a doll) for love. Nice song indeed!

ainy said...

This means ....' Queen Doll "or" Pricesss Doll "and the girl doll ..... These are the words used addressal indigenous daughers our love for (and sometimes other children's show).

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