Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Videos Of Chikan What Is The Best Digital Camera For Making Youtube Videos?

What is the best digital camera for making youtube videos? - best videos of chikan

Hello, I wonder what is the best normal digital camera (not camcorder ... I already have a.) To ensure good quality for YouTube videos to be done?

I also have an editing program (Video Explosion Deluxe), and if I have a video on my Canon Powershot A85, it makes the quality worse when I'm on YouTube. (See When bad that not even bother.)

If you could help that would be great. Thank you!


geog_ner... said...

The S5 IS is known for good quality video. In contrast to most point-and-shoot cameras, you can zoom while recording your video. It has also include a dedicated button for video recording, then with the push of a button away. Furthermore, the S5 has stereo microphones, but does not really count for YouTube, because I think all your videos are boring.

James Davis said...

You can try to CNET.COM will tell you that one of the best.

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